van Gogh! Little Black Table French Planter Pots Multi coloured chest of drawers Chalk Boards Pink stripe table. Christmas Stencils 'Tin Tiles' Vinyl Stool in 'Starry Night' Kathy's Wardrobe Work Shops! 'Piper's' Bed van Gogh Fossil Paint Paua Finish van Gogh Fossil Paint

van Gogh!

Little Black Table

An ordinary table given a facelift with van Gogh Fossil Paint in 'Revenge' and highlighted with Liquid Metals in 'Wedding Band'.

French Planter Pots

Take one black plastic pot, paint with van Gogh Fossil Paint in Chalk, stencil in 'Mascara' with a hint of 'Honeymoon' gold and seal with our Table Top Finish for indoor/outdoor use.

Multi coloured chest of drawers

Make you furniture a point of interest using different colours to bring it all together.

Chalk Boards

Black chalk boards are a thing of the past. Colour co-ordinate your own chalk boards to fit in with your decor. van Gogh Fossil Paint also paints on glass as shown here with the old preserving jars.

Pink stripe table.

Simple stripes to give a lift to an ordinary piece of furniture. Stripes in 'Chalk', 'Compassion' and 'Honeymoon' (gold).

Christmas Stencils

Using the whole stencil or just one or two words to make your original Christmas decorations in your choice of colour.

'Tin Tiles'

Make you very own tin tiles using our stencils designed from original tin tiles in Europe, given a raised finish with van Gogh Embossing Plaster.

Vinyl Stool in 'Starry Night'

A very tired looking vinyl stool now something a little special with a coat of van Gogh Fossil Paint in 'Starry Night' and a stencil using 'faded colours.

Kathy's Wardrobe

Embossing Plaster and van Gogh Fossil Paint looking awesome!

Work Shops!

One of our workshops - Painted Fabric

'Piper's' Bed

A little blending of van Gogh Fossil Paint colours and then a stencil and Piper's bed, done!

van Gogh Fossil Paint

Our cans come in two sizes.

Paua Finish

Our Paua Finish achieved using our Frostings.

van Gogh Fossil Paint