About Us

Rustic Restyle Ltd

Rustic Restyle Ltd is all about 'transforming your home one piece at a time'!   We give new life to previously loved furniture through paint, finishes, Iron Orchid Design Decor Transfers, Iron Orchid Design Decor Stamps, Iron Orchid Design Decor Moulds, stencils, rollers, hardware and some good old fashioned TLC. 

To achieve this we use van Gogh Fossil Paint, Paint Finishes, Iron Orchid Design Decor Transfers, IOD Decor Stamps, IOD Decor Moulds, Stencils, Patterned Rollers and Furniture Makeup - you can too!  How many times have you gone into those expensive shabby chic, farm house or high end furniture stores and seen those distressed pieces with that hand-rubbed lustre and velvety matte finish and thought “I could do that”? Well now is your chance to put that thought into action! Sign up today for a workshop or you can have me custom paint your pieces for you!

You have at your disposal a Certified van Gogh Fossil Paint, Paintologist (that's me)! Personally trained by Kathy van Gogh (yes van Gogh, a direct descendent of Vincent van Gogh) and an artist in her own right!  Her formal training began in USA and Canada, then to further hone her skills, she travelled to Italy and France to learn from the authentic Masters. These art forms included ornamentation, marbles, wood grains, gold leafing and just about every other branch of what is generally referred to as decorative art. Now, as a recognized leader and innovator in the industry, Kathy is invited to travel all over the world teaching her methods and artistry to others.  I consider myself very lucky to have been taught by Kathy.   I have also been to L.A. and been trained by Jennifer Ferguson on all manner of finishing techniques which show case Art Rollers, Foils, Glazes and more. 

So, yes this is who we have been trained by!  How lucky are we, and you too, as you have us at your disposal - just call and book a workshop and we will teach you all you need to know.

We'd love to show you what we have and what we can do.  Please contact us as we are open by appointment only so that we can give you that one on one personal attention.

Love to hear from you.


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