About Us

Rustic Restyle Ltd

Rustic Restyle Ltd is all about 'transforming your home one piece at a time'!  

We give new life to previously loved furniture through paint, top coats/waxes, Iron Orchid Design Decor Transfers,  Stamps and Moulds, Stencils, Patterned Rollers, Foils, Mint Decoupage Paper hardware and some good old fashioned TLC.  For a full listing of all our products, check out our on-line store.  

You have at your disposal a Certified Paintologist (that's me)! Personally trained by Kathy van Gogh (yes, van Gogh, a direct descendent of Vincent van Gogh) and an artist in her own right!  Her formal training began in USA and Canada, then she travelled to Italy and France to learn from the authentic Masters. We have traveled throughout Canada and the United States learning from the masters of various faux techniques & finishes so that we can bring that training and expertise to you. 

If you would like to learn these techniques yourselves book into one of our workshops, we would love to show you how to transform your projects.

I am also available to undertake the restoration/transformation of your pieces in consultation with you and advise on colours and styles that suit both you, your piece and your home.

Restoration:  most older pieces of furniture have seen better days and usually arrive to our workshop needing a repair or two!  A pieces cracking off, legs a little wobbly or even some pieces needing replacing - no worries we can fix most things!

We'd love to show you what we have and what we can do.  We have a retail studio and workshop on our property in the North Loburn area of Canterbury allowing us to provide you, our customers with flexible hours and easier access to our products and workshops. 

Do you want to shop for unique products? Just give us a call when you would like to come and see us.  Keep an eye on our facebook page (see below) for when we are at markets to!

Love to hear from you.


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