Independent Review

Hello Nicky 

Finally, some thoughts on my experience with your paint.

Starting with your instructions abundantly clear and covered very well the most important aspect of prep and judgements around adhesion that work attempted by the inexperienced suffer from.  The mechanics of application are extremely well written and informative.

The paint:

I felt it laid on well, better than I expected despite feeling quite course under the brush and the cover with one coat was very high. Much better than most W/B paints either flat or low sheen. The coverage was very uniform and there was no evidence of separation of pigments from base resulting in evident application marks.

I was doing this in conjunction with Resene Lumbersider as a point of reference and was very surprised at the cover (no grin through of base) and the absence of brush marks!!

Very high surface penetration and surprisingly little grain raise (I was working on ply) which is a huge advantage as it requires less de-nibbling and consequent improved covet and solids build.

It possesses very high adhesion and very high abrasion resistance.

It made a superb wash, maintaining a very vibrant colour value and trying the distressing with a wet abrasive pad for the first time was very successful. Great to be able to create that slurry and move it around. Certainly gives a much more natural worn effect.

In summary, the paint surpassed my expectation of the paints performance properties across the range of attributes.

The clear coat.

Seems to harden of as well as W/B polys do and give sufficient cure time appears slightly harder offering good marr resistance.

This was surprising as it lacked the viscosity through solids content that I am used to with other W/based polyurethanes.

It flattened out well with a bare minimum of application marks and I felt the sheen level was most appropriate for furniture as there is a need for some light reflectance and it will offer a better abrasion resistance.

Thank you for the opportunity to have a trial these products and I wish you success with it as it is without doubt the best on the market.

Best regards

John Hamilton

Feel free to use my thoughts on your product.

Briefly; trained as a carpenter joiner, have worked as both for 43 years either in a full time or part time capacity.

Working as a secondary school Hard Materials teacher for 20 years, has afforded me experience in wide range of materials, processes and applications.

Relevant to my credentials to review a product in this medium, basically you name it, I have sprayed it or finished it in some manner .Boats, furniture etc.

Decorative effects, industrial finishes, specialty work and restorations.

There that will do.

All the best.


John Hamilton


I was lucky enough to meet John at the Christchurch Show in 2016.  After discussing our products with him and learning of his background and knowledge asked if he would 'critique' our products for us.  He readily accepted the challenge!

John neither asked nor was offered any payment of any kind for this critique.  We are very grateful that he readily accepted the challenge when it was offered!

We know our products are great and that we can stand by them but it has been great to have the opinion of someone who has used a number of different products and brands to say that our products are 'without doubt the best on the market'!

Thank you so much John, your time and experience is very much appreciated.


Nicky Moloney

Certified van Gogh Fossil Paint Developer

(New Zealand Wholesaler)

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