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Iron Orchid Design Paint Inlays - the artisanal answer to decor transfers. Not a decal, not a synthetic film, not decoupage. When applied artisanal paint is embedded into your surface and the paper is removed leaving an authentic, painted design and a buttery, almost leather-like surface on your piece.  Organic in nature, visually interesting, texturally complex and often inherently distressed. You can often get a beautifully faded 2nd or even 3rd impression! Each page connects perfectly in pattern to the next.

Eight and four Sheet Pads measuring - 30 x 41cm     

All Paint Inlays are 'limited release' items.  Which means that they are released for a short time only - then new designs are released.

 If you love it get it asap! 

Rustic Restyle Ltd

Welcome to Rustic Restyle Ltd - 'transforming your home one piece at a time'. We are a friendly team here with a flair for style and design, a love of recycling furniture and homes and helping you to achieve the look you love. All this is made so easy with Mango Paint (chalk based paint) and Finishes. And our quality Stencils, Patterned Rollers Foils, Iron Orchid Designs and Vintage finds.