Furniture Frostings

Frostings are that subtle shimmer of colour which gives Fossil Paint a new depth and life.

Best applied with a damp sponge using only a little at a time over your colour choice of van Gogh Fossil Paint.  Darker colours like Revenge or Starry Night have a more dramatic look while softer colours like van Gogh or Compassion achieve a more subtle finish.  This is a many layered finish where more than one colour can be built up to achieve the 'Paua Finish' in the photo you see here.

Paint a coat of van Gogh Fossil Paint in your choice of colour (see above) then apply the Frostings with a damp sponge applying only a little at a time using figure 8 like movements to spread the Frosting evenly in a thin layer finishing each application by smoothing over with a clean part of your sponge. Rinse the sponge between colours and continue building your layers until you achieve the desired finish.

The best results will always be achieved after attending a workshop with one of our fully-trained Paintologists and you are encouraged to take advantage of these fun, educational, and inspiring events.